The Village of Antioch has relaunched the website to help create a single place for residents and visitors to find information about Antioch. The site offers businesses and non-for-profits an opportunity to provide useful information about their group. Each organization will be offered a landing page on the site which will contain information given by that group. Anyone visiting those pages will be greeted by a picture, address, phone number, link to the website, and short description of the organization’s services or items.

This site also provides information and news that the former community newsletter provided. Non-for-profits can submit information about upcoming events, news etc. just as they did for years with the old newsletter. This format allows real-time updates to this type of information by simply providing the content through the “Contact Us” menu.

Future upgrades will include a “deals section”, in which a business can provide the most up-to-date sales or bargains they are offering in their stores.

Please take some time to drop in at If you have any questions, concerns, comments please contact Shawn Roby at or by phone at 847-395-2160 and he will be happy to help out.

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