The Emergency Management Department of the Village of Antioch is dedicated to serving its residents using best management practices.  Elected Officials and Employees of the Village of Antioch have undergone NIMS (National Incident Management System) training in order to provide safety and security to its residents.

Emergency Management has been around for many years.  Some of you will remember it as ESDA – Emergency Services and Disaster Agency and others will remember it as CD – Civil Defense.  Prior to September 11, 2001, most emergency management agencies, choreographed after FEMA, were the people called when severe weather damaged communities.  Since 9-11, Homeland Security has become the center focal point.  During the days of Civil Defense, attacks to the United States were considered and agencies would plan to cope with such attacks while concerting their main efforts on natural disaster situations.   Today the focus is still on natural disasters but additional emphasis is on the possibility of terrorism.

With technology constantly changing, the “what if” factor must be planned for.  Emergency management is the planning, training, testing and evaluating of our emergency resources and being prepared to handle the results of a disaster or emergency.  The Village of Antioch is fortunate in having the ability to have trained personnel within the Police, Fire and Public Works.  The addition of Emergency Management personnel helps bring the first responding agencies the additional resources and team goal of restoring our community back to a state of normalcy after a large scale emergency strikes.

CERT LogoThe Antioch Emergency Management Agency has created a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  CERT Teams are trained to a community citizens in many disciplines at the basic level.  Upon completion of the basic level, CERT personnel can take over basic tasks, allowing the firefighters, rescuers and police to take on the more technical functions during emergencies.  One example of a CERT replacement would be directing traffic at a given intersection.

Interested in joining the Community Emergency Response Team?
Click here for an application.

Classes will be scheduled when the minimum quantity of 20 people required is reached.

The Village of Antioch is striving to improve our Emergency Alerting Systems.  Our goal is to provide a safe environment by insuring that the citizens of our community receive warning of impending danger in a timely manner.

Outdoor Warning Sirens
Since 1946, the Village had one faithful outdoor warning siren.  This siren, located on the water tower on Orchard & Toft, had been heard on the first Tuesday of every month (except October 2001) and with each Tornado Warning issued by the National Weather Service.  With the removal of the old water tower, new sirens were needed to alert the growing community.  On January 7, 2008, the Village Board of Trustees approved the purchasing of three outdoor warning sirens.

The purchased sirens will be placed as follows:

1.  Williams Park – this siren will replace the siren on the Toft St water tower.
2.  Fire Station #2 – Deep Lake Road (just north of Depot St)
3.  Clublands Well House – Club Lake Drive

Other sirens are planned for and are to be located as follows:

4.  Tiffany Farms – Just north of the WC Petty School
5.  Heron Harbor – at Well House #7 on Bowles Road
6.  To be determined based on performance of the initial three sirens.

Keep in mind , the purpose of an Outdoor Warning Siren is in it’s name.  Provide warning to those “outdoors”.  Especially, during the spring, summer and fall, the Village has a multitude of organized outside activities.  The outdoor warning sirens will alert those participating in such activities in a timely manner to allow them to get to a place that is safe.  Those residents who live close to one of these sirens will definitely hear them in you homes.  Those living further away, will only hear them when outside.

Connect C-T-Y
In the summer of 2003, the Village of Antioch Board of Trustees purchased a telephone system program that can be used to alert residents in their homes.  The system was implemented in the early winter of that year and was put to the test within its first few days.  A policy has been established that the system will be used for intra-departmental communications (notification of employees in a given department) and Public Notifications.   Notifications can be made for emergency situations including severe weather warnings, water main breaks, road closures, boil orders, hazardous materials notifications, AMBER Alerts and several other situations.  In less than 5 minutes, the system will contact everyone in the Village who is part of the system.  Each month, the system is updated with the most recent additions and subtractions to the telephone system.  In addition, citizens can update, add, or delete information just by clicking on the Connect-Cty located above.  If you have an unlisted phone number, you are not in the system.
Weather Radios
With the help of a STAR Grant from  the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Antioch Emergency Management Agency has been able to place weather radios in many locations.  Currently, weather radios are located in all of the Village of Antioch Buildings, all of the schools, buildings that are capable of having very large gatherings of people, and some outdoor venues.

Antioch EMA would like to encourage everyone to purchase a weather radio. It is strongly recommended that you purchase a radio with Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) capabilities.  This will allow the listener to program in surrounding counties and be alerted to weather hazards approaching from those areas.

Lightning Detection System
Lightning causes an average of 80 fatalities and 300 injuries each year.

Lightning occurs in all thunderstorms; each year lightning strikes the Earth 20 million times.  The energy from one lightning flash could light a 100-watt light bulb for more than 3 months.

Most lightning fatalities and injuries occur when people are caught outdoors in the summer months during the afternoon and evening.  Lightning can occur from cloud-to-cloud, within a cloud, cloud-to-ground, or cloud-to-air.  Many fires in the western United States and Alaska are started by lightning.  The air near a lightning strike is heated to 50,000°F.  The rapid heating and cooling of the air near the lightning channel causes a shock wave that results in thunder.

How far away is the Thunderstorm?

  • Count the number of seconds between a flash of lightning and the next clap of thunder.
  • Divide this number by 5 to determine the distance to the lightning in miles.

Why are we telling you all of this?

Recently the Village of Antioch Parks Department purchased a system that will help pre-warn people participating in our parks of lightning nearing the area.

Currently three notification systems are in place and operational.  They are located at Williams Park, Centennial Park and Pedersen Park.  Park patrons and nearby residents will hear awarning siren when lightning is detected within 5 miles of the sensor equipment (located on top of the Village Hall).  If the sensor equipment goes for a period of time (typically 30 minutes) without sensing additional lightning, an all clear siren will be activated.   The system will be activated between 7 AM until 9:30 PM,from March 15 through November 1.  This can be changed based on actual park activities.

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