Municipal Building: 874 Main Street, Antioch, IL
July 3, 2002
CALL TO ORDER The special meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by Mayor Maravelas at 2:15 p.m. in the Municipal Building: 874 Main Street, Antioch, IL.
ROLL CALL Roll call indicated the following Trustees were present: Pierce, Larson, Caulfield, Foresta, Porch and Hanson. Also present were Mayor Maravelas, and Clerk Rowe. Absent: Attorney Anderson.
MAYOR Mayor Maravelas said the purpose of the special meeting is to consider execution of the amended Non-Binding Settlement Agreement relative to Deercrest LLC, Case No. 00 CH 1050 and Bill Anest, Case No. 01 CH 137.
TRUSTEE PIERCE Trustee Pierce asked Administrator Haley what is the purpose of the changes.
ADMINISTRATOR HALEY Administrator Haley said most of the changes were done by the attorneys. Since the majority of the changes involve the County commitments to Neumann Homes and Neumann Homes commitment to the County he couldn't comment on those changes. Changes to the village's commitments offer more protection to the village concerning who has the authority over some of these sections. Mr. Haley referred to page 4 paragraph 1 in the red line version of the amended agreement. Similar verbiage is included on page 6 paragraph q of the document. Mr. Haley said it is very much the same document previously approved with a few minor verbiage changes. Administrator Haley said Attorney Don Anderson and Attorney Jim Hermann both reviewed and recommended the amended agreement be approved and signed by the Mayor.
TRUSTEE PORCH Trustee Porch would like to see the other parties involved sign off on the agreement before the village approves it. Mr. Haley said it is his understanding that all parties are in the process of signing the amended agreement this afternoon. The County and the Forest Preserve have already signed the amended agreement. Trustee Foresta agreed with Trustee Porch. Trustee Larson indicated that she didn't mind signing it before the other parties.
AMENDED MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING A motion was made by Trustee Pierce, seconded by Trustee Larson to approve and authorize the Mayor to sign the amended Memorandum of Understanding Non-Binding Agreement for Settlement Purposes as presented. On roll call, the vote was:
YES: 5; Pierce, Larson, Caulfield, Foresta and Hanson.
NO: 1; Porch.
ADJOURN A motion was made by Trustee Pierce, seconded by Trustee Porch to adjourn the special meeting of the Board of Trustees at 2:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Candi L. Rowe, Clerk

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