On January 14, 2019, the Village Board approved Resolution No. 19-04 closing Grimm Road on an indefinite but temporary basis.  The Village has received approval for the closure from the Illinois Department of Transportation.  The anticipated closure date is Monday, April 15, 2019.

On Thursday, January 10th, 2019 at 10:00 a.m., an informational meeting will be held in the Village Board Room at the Village Hall, 874 Main Street, Antioch. Illinois, for the purpose of hearing and considering comments related to the Village of Antioch’s plan to proceed with the closing of “Grimm Road” from the Canadian National Railroad right-of-way, east to the Sequoit Creek culvert. This proposed closing of this section of “Grimm Road” is based on public safety concerns related to the rapidly deteriorating condition of this roadway and the determination by the Village that the roadway is no longer safe for vehicular traffic.


Grimm Road FAQ

Where is Grimm Road?

Grimm Road is a road in Antioch that connects State Route 83 to State Route 173 (see map).  It is primarily used as a ‘cut through’ for traffic moving from northbound on Route 83 to eastbound on Route 173 and the reverse traffic movement (west 173 to south 83).  The portion to be closed is from just west of the Canadian National rail crossing to the Sequoit Creek (700 feet west of Route 173).

Why is Grimm Road proposed to be closed?

Grimm Road is in very poor condition and has become a hazardous road for travel.  The pavement is extremely rough, and poor drainage facilities cause water to pond on the roadway.  In addition, the intersection of Grimm Rd. and Route 173 has a growing occurrence of traffic related vehicular accidents as the area’s traffic has increased, causing concern for public safety.

Who would be affected by the Grimm Road Closure?

Other than ‘cut through’ traffic, there are two entities that front on the portion of Grimm to close; The Village of Antioch on the north and the Lake County Forest Preserve on the south.  No facilities open to the public exist on the portion to close.  Both entities will still be able to access their property.

When is Grimm Road proposed to be closed?

Upon Village of Antioch Board approval, the road could be closed by late February.

Why doesn't the Village just fix Grimm Road?

The Village of Antioch inherited Grimm Road when it annexed the property north of Grimm on October 9th, 2017.  After that date the Village is responsible for maintenance of Grimm Rd.  Based on the advanced deterioration of Grimm, the roadway will require full reconstruction.  Resurfacing will not be adequate to address the condition of Grimm.  In addition, the Village of Antioch is in the process of developing a plan to move the intersection of Grimm Road and Route 173 to the west in an effort to improve safety and promote commercial development.

Is the proposed closure of Grimm Road permanent?

The closure of Grimm Road is proposed to be temporary.  As plans further to move and reconstruct Grimm and funding sources materialize, the Village intends to reopen Grimm road.  Those timeframes are still in development.

Grimm Road Facts
  • The Village of Antioch Purchased the Boylan Property (north of Grimm), March, 2016
  • The property was annexed into the Village October 9, 2017
  • The Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) approved May 14, 2018
    • 1st Amendment December 10, 2018
  • Phase 1 of the development of TIF property was the sale of 3.7 acres and construction of a 19,000 square foot Tractor Supply property on Route 83 and Grimm Road as well as the Kunes Ford expansion
  • The Village is currently marketing several commercial parcels south of Tractor Supply on Route 83 for future commercial development.
  • The 12 Acre parcel located on Route 173, east of Kunes Ford, is envisioned as an opportunity for the Village to attract an auto dealership to the site and expand on the Village’s existing commercial base.
  • Antioch plans to create a state of the art “business park” that will provide the Village with the opportunity to attract new large employers to the Village or retain current businesses that are in major expansion mode. Antioch is planning to create a large regional retention facility on the subject site that will service the new business park.
  • Long Term plan of the Village is to use the Tax Increment Finance District and the growing tax increment of the site to construct a new collector street that will connect Route 173 with Route 83. This newly planned roadway along with utility expansion will provide the Village with a new major collector street and improve the Village’s long-term transportation network.
  • Timeline for Closure of Grimm Road
    • Vote by Village Board January 14, 2019
    • Signage posted for closure January 23, 2019
    • Road Closure February 25, 2019