The Prevailing Wage Act requires contractors and subcontractors to pay laborers, workers and mechanics employed on PUBLIC WORKS construction projects no less than the general prevailing rate of wages (consisting of hourly cash wages plus fringe benefits) for work of a similar character in the county where the work is performed.

Under Section 5 of the Prevailing Wage Act, all public bodies in the State of Illinois are required to pass an ordinance or resolution establishing prevailing rates of wages and file that resolution with the Illinois Department of Labor.

TAKE NOTICE that on June 27, 2018, the Village of Antioch passed an “Ordinance Ascertaining the Prevailing Rate of Wages for Laborers, Workmen and Mechanics employed in Public Works of this Public Body.”

Said ordinance adopts the prevailing rate of wages for said persons as determined by the State of Illinois, Department of Labor as of September 1, 2017, for this unit of local government’s public works construction projects to the extent provided by “An Act regulating wages of laborers, mechanics and other workmen employed in any public works by the State, County, City, or any public body or political subdivision or by anyone under contract for public works” approved June 26, 1941, as amended.


Prevailing Wage Ordinance

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