Village of Antioch ~ Authentic by Nature

Vision Statement

“Antioch is a community steeped in rich history and tradition, anchored by a safe, small-town atmosphere, and known for its quality of life.  Its vibrant economy draws from the charm of a quaint downtown, a well educated workforce, and a robust commercial sector. The variety of recreational opportunities available to residents and visitors are accentuated by the area’s proximity to the Chain of Lakes and network of locally-established park, open space, and trail systems. Antioch proudly supports the collaboration of its educational institutions, faith-based and philanthropic organizations, and service agencies to provide opportunities for investment and the enrichment of our families, businesses, and community”.

The Antioch Community Vision is an expression of what we value as a community and where we hope to be in the future. It is motivated by the idea that if we articulate where we are trying to go and share the message in a report and findings, the likelihood of success increases significantly.

As a living document, the Vision shall be used and reviewed regularly by all members of our community including, but not limited to, residents, local government, civic organizations, institutions and businesses.

Organization and layout

The Antioch Community Vision is organized into a single, unified executive statement (Vision Statement) of six (6) core values, and is then followed by an additional analysis of each core value which further illustrates a desired or ideal future for Antioch.

Within each Core Value analysis, a mission statement is included to provide direction to achieve that vision. More focused and tactical than the overall vision statement, the Core Value analysis and missional goals express greater meaning and detailed direction for achievement.  Click on each value for a more in-depth analysis.

Supporting exhibits and findings are included to explain data trends and provide backup to the methods and findings.  Graphs and pictograms illustrate the results of the Community wide survey and reveal the themes that supported the Core Values, Mission Statements, and goals set forth in the body of the Community Vision.

6 Core Values Defined:

Mission:  Enhance Antioch’s unique attributes – its small town feel and historic community character.  Build upon the cornerstone of service and the Village’s culture of renewal, volunteerism, and philanthropy. Revitalize and expand downtown as a community focal point that offers a unique and memorable experience for residents and visitors.

Small Town Atmosphere

Antioch’s small town feel and historic character are defining attributes of the Village and create a traditional, small-town identity.  Our proximity to the Chain of Lakes and natural resources are historically tied to our establishment and economic success. The community is united in its desire that Antioch remain beautiful, well-kept, clean, quiet, safe, and well-planned. Antioch will work to maintain both its community character and quality of life by protecting its heritage as a lake community, and hometown community, while offering neighbors and guests a warm and welcoming visitors’ experience.

Historic Community Character

The Village’s historic character comes from its turn of the century downtown and the legacy as a vacation lake community.  Embracing this history and implementing it are accomplished through environmental design and investments that reestablish our connection to the natural lake elements.  The Authentic by Nature brand represents a cultural and geographic relationship between our natural surroundings and the heritage of a destination community rooted in a genuine agricultural work ethic.  The community envisions this dynamic not only being maintained but enhanced in its desire to keep its authentic elements and natural amenities in a mutually beneficial and harmonious relationship.

Antioch postcard

Mission: Increase travel options through enhanced walking, bicycling, and transportation systems. Enhance mobility through increased connectivity of activity centers and improved active transportation network.

Pedestrian Connectivity

Outside its core downtown and traditional neighborhoods, the VIllage developed largely as a suburban style community dominated by automobile biased infrastructure and development patterns. The limited availability of sidewalks and connecting trails in these areas has created obstacles to access and mobility throughout town and the larger community. In the future, improved trail systems and complete streets, where roadways include adequate sidewalks, ensure that neighborhoods are connected to parks and trail systems, thereby enhancing the quality of life, and allowing for safe and enjoyable movement throughout the Village without the requirements of an automobile.

Community Accessibility

The Village’s current transportation network is enhanced to improve the safety and comfort of all travelers.  Well connected streets and pedestrian routes are established through projects that improve local mobility. Planned improvements that link future development by expanding upon the existing pedestrian facilities and trails improve the opportunity for community connections to existing businesses goods, service, parks, and recreation opportunities.

Regional access is improved by coordinated improvements on the regional level.   Weekend services provided by commuter rail and well designed roadways will allow for goods, services, commerce, and visitors to travel to and from regional employment centers by a variety of transportation options.

Mission:  Promote fun, active lifestyles, quality of life, and community health by improving the availability of social and recreational opportunities.

Active Lifestyles and Entertainment

antioch theatreDemands for shopping, dining, and entertainment options are highly valued by Antioch residents. They appreciate the ability to purchase a bundle of goods and desire to enjoy local shopping as discretionary entertainment. Both these demands are satisfied by the array of businesses that create the Antioch entertainment experience. Specialty goods and activities that join commerce with the small town atmosphere are desired. In the future, Antioch provides a greater choice of entertainment and commerce opportunities that offer residents and visitors “something to do”. The availability of recreation based around natural amenities, art, culture, and entertainment provides opportunities for residents to enjoy their community and activate their social lives.

Access and Availability of Activities

bandshellAccess is not only a function of sidewalks and trail projects, but a series of intelligent land use decisions that locate compatible developments and uses in closer proximity to one another. Antioch will locate services near housing and provide connections making compatible land uses more accessible thereby increasing the mobility of the general population by increasing access to nearby recreation and entertainment. Antioch encourages health & well-being through pedestrian and bicycle paths that promote the vitality of its residents, downtown area, schools, commerce centers, and neighborhoods.

Parks and Recreation

cardboard boatAntioch is served with a well-developed network of parks and public spaces. These amenities are accessible to all portions of the Village and serve as part of Antioch’s recreation experience. Antioch’s parks, entertainment, public activities, special events, and programs provide inclusive opportunities for all ages and citizen groups to socialize and live an active lifestyle. The Village’s own facilities and local improvements are interconnected with the facilities constructed by the state, county, and forest preserves and broaden the areas that are accessible and enjoyed by residents.

Mission:  Prioritize the enhancement, restoration, and utilization of open spaces and natural environment.  Support and protect Antioch’s unique open space and lake heritage through environmental stewardship.

channel lakeThe Chain of Lakes and surrounding natural areas have long served as the areas premiere natural resources for recreation and tourist based commerce.  Antioch’s restored connection to the Chain of Lakes through targeted investment will improve its quality of life, economy, and attraction by offering residents, visitors, and businesses an additional asset that differentiates the Antioch experience from others in the collar counties and the region.

Public Spaces and the Public Domain

Streets, Parks, and neighborhood gathering spaces are the first and most visible open spaces available to residents. They are ever-present in our daily lives and dramatically influence the image and aesthetic of a community. These places serve on the front line as open space and recreational service areas often providing dual roles as storm water management or animal sanctuaries. Antioch’s right of ways and public improvements will consider the environmental implications and beauty of the area in addition to their basic utility. Public infrastructure projects and capital investments will forward the Vision, sustain, and support high quality neighborhoods and environments for the community.

cardboard boatCoordinating land development plans and open space development, along with internal pedestrian facilities to these areas will enhance the accessibility of usable open space to the community. Antioch is served with a well developed network of parks and public spaces. Antioch’s parks, entertainment, public activities, special events, and local improvements are interconnected with the facilities constructed by the state, county, and forest preserves which broaden the areas that are accessible and enjoyed by residents.

Mission:  Strengthen the Village’s economy and its position as a commercial center through the promotion of increased specialty retail, dining opportunities, Antioch’s tourism sectors, and a diverse portfolio of businesses that support the Antioch Vision.

Business Diversity

Antioch’s diverse economic sector provides services, supports the local tax base, and is comprised of corporate citizens invested in partnerships that embody the Antioch community vision strengthen a greater corporate community. Specialty shops of independent business owners and corporate investment will assist in driving the economy, providing jobs, and generating tax revenue. Job creation will lead to increases in daytime population that will strengthen the market and make Antioch a more desirable place to conduct business.

Revitalizing the downtown is integral to promoting the Village’s identity. Community members appreciate the Village’s charm, its quaintness, and its connection to the past; however, revitalizing the downtown is necessary to achieve its potential to serve as a community focal point and major tourist draw.

Downtown has a good framework to expand upon such as a walkable grid street system, close proximity to the Metra, the architectural presence of historical buildings, and access from Route 83. Antioch will capitalize on the downtowns potential as a place for people to live, work, and play, helping it emerge as a unique destination, an entertainment venue, and a commerce center.

Stores and restaurants that cater to residents and stay open late, cultural and entertainment activities that draw visitors, and an increased village downtown population base will infuse the downtown with a vitality that will draw new businesses. The Village will accommodate new uses and redevelopment while still maintaining its small-town feel and charm.

“10 years from now – Antioch ideally could be a center for continued small business activity.  I think a mix of franchises and small business (mom & pop shops) are the key to a successful tax base.  The downtown area really is a great cornerstone for family-centered activities”


Antioch delivers a tourist experience and product that encourages visitors and satisfies entertainment demands of the local population. A discerning pool of visitors and customers return in increasing numbers, as Antioch provides a superior destination experience by developing and expanding the number and quality of product offerings. A close working relationship between agency partners, business community, and media increases public awareness of the importance of tourism to the economy and the value that Antioch delivers. As a premier tourist destination, Antioch successfully retains and showcases the values, heritage, culture, and natural beauty of a Chain of Lakes community.

Mission:  Support quality, comprehensive education and life-long learning opportunities, provide community services for a changing population, and maintain a high standard of public safety.


Antioch has an excellent public and private school system and maintaining its high quality education is a priority for residents. In the future, all schools that serve Antioch will boast exemplary  facilities and educational achievements. Our Schools are vital centers of community life enriched by the diversity of Antioch.

Antioch will establish networks that expand educational opportunities for all ages, partnering businesses, schools, and government, to encourage adult learning and the development of an educated workforce.

Antioch Community High SchoolOur civic and community organizations partner to promote engagement, well-being, social events, and success of our students and community. Antioch demonstrates its aptitude and ability as creative learners who succeed through personal initiative and sustained effort to reach the highest academic and professional goals. They are critical thinkers who possess technological competence and collaborative skills.

Community Service Providers, Civic Organizations, and Volunteers

Faith Lutheran ChurchAntioch collaborates with outside agencies, assuring the best possible service to its residents. It leads the way through civic and government leadership, creating community involvement and promoting volunteerism. We are responsible in the stewardship of our fiscal resources and fair and equitable in their distribution. Antioch’s service organizations embrace diversity, act responsibly, are relevant, and contribute to the well-being of the greater community. Our educators and leadership together form a rich professional learning community where all are supported to hone our professional craft and improve our effectiveness as innovators and practitioners. Antioch public safety providers are professionally staffed and appropriately resourced to effectively service the community. As an integral part of a healthy community, they will continue building relationships with outside agencies, remain unified amongst each other, and be in touch with the needs and culture of the local population.


“A safe community where families can enjoy their time together. A school system that is recognized nation wide. A place where people can go to shop for specialty items, eat at great restaurants, and enjoy life in general…but also a place where people can volunteer for their community doing things for FREE as opposed to paying high prices for jobs, renovations, and help in general.”


Civic Engagement

antioch fireAntioch is full of caring, friendly people with a sense of volunteerism and pride. The small town atmosphere of the Village is family-oriented, multi-generational, and stable. Service, charity, faith, and philanthropy are hallmarks of Antioch and define many of its social values. In the future, cultural and generational diversity and social connections will be enhanced through opportunities for volunteerism and civic engagement; more public gathering places, family-friendly activities, and open spaces accessible from our homes and workplaces. Our Families and community are integral to the success of Antioch and are empowered and engaged as educators and leaders.