The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide quality service in an effective and timely manner, while maintaining high standards for the provision of safety, health and environment.  In an effort to enrich the quality of life, we strive to preserve and improve the existing public infrastructure which contributes to the high standard of living and sense of community that Antioch residents have become accustomed to and expect, thereby enhancing the overall character of the Village.

The organization consists of the Street, Water and Sewer, Wastewater Treatment,  Vehicle, Building, Parks Maintenance, and an Administrative Support Group.  The various divisions within the department operate and maintain infrastructure and equipment for Antioch’s public streets, right-of-way maintenance, water distribution system, sewer collection system, and the repair of vehicles and equipment.  Each one of these services is provided by a capable, well-trained, dedicated staff, many of which have considerable tenure and experience.  These services include:

Director of Public Works Dennis Heimbrodt
Water and Sewer Foreman Dave Hanson
Administrative Assistant Sherry Hoban