Snow PlowsBE SEEN.


Can the snow plow driver see you?

  • Assume the snow plow driver has NOT seen you.
  • Move off the sidewalk and into a yard when you see a snow plow coming your way.
  • DO NOT play on, or make forts or tunnels in roadside snow banks.
  • NEVER approach a snow plow, even when it has stopped.


  • Stay three (3) car-lengths behind a snow plow to allow for a safe stopping distance.
  • NEVER cut off a snow plow.
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image of where to shovel snow





Snow and Ice Removal Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the Village salt all streets?

A:  Typically all main thoroughfares, through streets, and cul-de-sacs are salted with the main thoroughfares being done first.

Q: Which streets are plowed by the Village?

A: The Village clears snow and ice from the roads within the Village limits.  Unincorporated Antioch (Deep Lake Road and Portions of North Avenue) are taken care of by Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT).  The LCDOT office can be reached at 847-377-7498.  State Highways 173, 59 and 83 are maintained by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and can be reached at 847-223-4004.

Q: When can we expect the streets to be clear of snow and ice?

A:  The goal is to clear snow and ice from Village streets within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling.

Q: When will the snow plow be down my street?

A: The Village is divided into several snow plow routes in order to provide timely plowing to all Village streets. Each route has emergency and school routes, side streets, and cul-de-sacs. Depending on the snow fall, expected accumulation and time of day emergency and school routes will be cleared first, leaving side streets and cul-de-sacs last. Be assured that we will do our best to get to side streets and cul-de-sacs as soon as possible.

Q: How can I avoid snow being plowed into my driveway after I just shoveled?

A:  If possible, wait until the street has been plowed from curb to curb before clearing your driveway.  You will still have to clear the snow that is plowed from the street; however, you will only have to do it once.  See diagram above for some tips such as shoveling the snow to the right side of your driveway when facing the street in the direction of traffic flow.  DO NOT shovel or blow snow into the street.  It shall be unlawful for any business or individual, while snow plowing their driveway or another’s driveway within the corporate limits of the Village, to push, place, or shovel snow on or across any street within the Village (7-3-4B).

Q: The snow plow has buried my mailbox. Will Public Works clear it for me?

A:  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to clear the sidewalks, stairs and mailbox area in order to avoid delayed or curtailed mail service.

Q: The snow plow damaged my mailbox and the lawn in the parkway. Will the Village repair the damage?

A:  The Village shall reimburse any homeowner, or homeowners association, up to seventy-five ($75) dollars for each mailbox rendered unusable to the resident due to the mailbox being struck by a snow plow while engaged in the plowing of snow off of Village roads; if the mailbox cannot be reasonably replaced or repaired by the Public Works Department.  Any damage resulting from the force of the snow will not be reimbursed.  Notification must be made NO LATER THAN three business days after the snow event, unless the resident can show proof of unavailability.  Notify the ViIlage by clicking here to complete a service request, email Sherry Hoban in the Public Works department, first class mail, or by calling 847-395-1881.  Click here for mailbox damage reimbursement forms.

Q: Do I have to shovel the sidewalk in front of my house?

A:  The responsible person is required to clear the lesser of 72 inches or the full width of the sidewalk.  Clearance should occur within 24 hours after the cessation of an event that deposits at least two inches (2″) of snow.  We also ask that fire hydrants are kept clear to aid firefighters (8-5-1(D1-4)).

Q: May I park my car on the street when it is snowing?

A:  Parking is not allowed on any street in the Village after snow begins to fall and exceeds one inch (1″) of thickness and until snow plowing operations have ceased (7-3-4A).

Q: Will I be able to get my car out of the Metra parking lot while at work during a snow event?

A:  The parking lot is plowed and salted as much as possible around existing cars, and once the lot is clear the remaining snow and ice is removed.

Q: What can I do to help?

A:  On garbage day, please remove your trash cans from the curbside or driveway as soon as possible.  The Village is not responsible for damaged trash cans.

Please call the Village Hall, Police, Fire and Public Works Departments only when there is a life safety situation; it is the Public Works goal to get all of the snow and ice removed as soon as possible.