The total linear miles of roads located within the Village Corporate limits are 70.63 with 57.84 linear miles of Village owned road with 66% having curbs for a distance of 38.36 linear miles.

The total linear miles of sidewalk in the Village Corporate limits are 107.38 with Village owned sidewalks of 69.19 miles and 66% of the roads with sidewalk at 38.19 miles.

The street department is responsible for resurfacing projects, sidewalk and parking lot maintenance, street sweeping, street sign repairs, parkway tree trimming and removals, mowing of Village property and rights-of-way, and downtown maintenance. In the winter the department’s main task is salting and plowing Village maintained streets to ensure safe driving conditions for all vehicles.

Local Highways

While Village crews are responsible for the local roads, the State (IDOT) and County (LCDOT) manage the maintenance of the highways and arterial roads throughout the Village. The table below shows the responsibility for each of the jurisdictional entities.

Roadway Responsible Entity
IL Route 173 IDOT
IL Route 59 IDOT
IL Route 83 IDOT
US Route 45 IDOT
Deep Lake Road LCDOT
North Avenue LCDOT
Grimm Road Village of Antioch & Antioch Township
Grass Lake Road LCDOT
Frequently Asked Questions

Street Sweeping

Q: What day(s) do the street sweepers clean?

A:  One round in spring and fall.


Q: How do I report a pothole?

A:  Click here to complete a request for service form, email Sherry Hoban, or call 847-395-1881.

Q: How long does it take to fill?

A:  Although we try to take care of these items as soon as possible it can take a few days depending on the work schedule.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Q: What is the best way to report a problem with my sidewalk?

Q: How long does it take to get fixed?

A:  Public Works staff will assess the area and determine the necessary fix.  Sidewalk repairs consist of grinding or removal and replacement, Work is organized in a fashion to complete a large quantity of work in the area to assist with scheduling and ordering of material.